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Cloud Peak Wilderness Maps
Including Rock Creek Wilderness Study Area

Copyright © 2011 Travis N. Wood

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1) Colored-Band Topo (1.4 MB)
Topo Quad Links and Full-Size Map (1.4 MB)
Land Management-Ownership (1.8 MB)
Forested Areas (1.8 MB)
Annual Precipitation (1.6 MB)
6) Physical Without Labels (0.9 MB)
Forest Service Visitors Map (1.6 MB)
Closed Roads (New Page)
Snow Depth (New Page)
Cell Phone / OnStar Coverage (1.1 MB)

Area of Map Coverage Back to Top

Cloud Peak Wilderness is located in the Bighorn Mountains of north-central Wyoming. The dotted frame in the access map to the right shows the area of coverage of maps on this website.

(View full-scale Forest Service Visitors Map of the same area, 1.6 MB.)

The purpose here is to not allow details such as labels and roads to overwhelm the physical properties of the wilderness. While most details of the Forest Service map are shown here, the focus is on physical relief. So these maps may be useful during trip-planning. But they are not intended to be printed and used as navigation maps.

Because of webpage size restrictions, the maps here DO NOT show some details of larger maps (such as Trails Illustrated or USGS topos). However, these maps DO show numerous characteristics of the wilderness that are either not shown, or are obscured by detail, on larger maps. Here are annual precipitation, springtime snowpack, geology, and so on.

Map Legend Back to Top

To the right is the legend generally used for the wilderness maps. Some colors may vary slightly as different layers of the map are combined.

Google Earth View Back to Top

Each wilderness map may be loaded into Google Earth to create a transparent or opaque overlay. For more information or to download Google Earth, see the Google Earth Page.

Briefly stated, the Google Earth coordinates are as follows:

 • North:  44.646630°
  • East: -106.895009°
  • South:  44.125525°
  • West: -107.539480°
  • Rotation:  0.0000°

Other Maps Back to Top

The preferred maps for backcountry navigation are either the original USGS topographic quadrangles or the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map of Cloud Peak Wilderness. See the Trails Illustrated online viewer.

Also available for online viewing is the Forest Service Visitors' Map of the Bighorn National Forest, North and South. A same-scale copy (1.6 MB) of that map is included among the other maps at this website. Obviously, that single map is in the public domain and free of copyright restriction.

For physical relief Terrain maps, satellite imagery, or simply road maps, see Acme Mapper (Link centers on Cloud Peak.)

High-Use Areas and Times Back to Top

There are plenty of backpacking opportunities in and around the Bighorn Mountains. These Cloud Peak Wilderness maps only include those trails which enter the wilderness. But the purpose of these maps is not to encourage greater use of the wilderness.

On the contrary, the reader is encouraged to seek trails and areas outside the wilderness. If a wilderness experience must be the goal, avoiding high-use areas and times of high use can help protect the wilderness. See the Open and Closed Roads Page for accessing the wilderness outside the summer months of peak backpacking activity.

As with other mountain ranges, there are seasons and times when more people visit the wilderness. Those times include the months of July through September, and weekends at nearly any time of year. And summer holidays, such as the Fourth of July present a special challenge. Solitude, as a goal, is more easily found mid-week, on non-holidays, and before July or after September. And often that solitude may be more easily found on a trail outside the wilderness.

The National Geographic Trails Illustrated map of Cloud Peak Wilderness identifies several lakes and a few trails as high-use areas. The lakes are as follows:

• Lake Geneva
• Crystal Lake
• Cliff Lake
• Sheeperder Lake
• Lake Eunice
• Lake Solitude
• Mistymoon Lake
• Lake Marion
• Lake Helen
• Mirror Lake
• Lost Twin Lakes
• Seven Brothers Lakes
• Willow Lake
• Old Crow Lake
• Trigger Lake
• Sherd Lake
• Ringbone Lake
• Long Lake

Copyright Notice Back to Top

All maps created for this website are fully copyrighted by Travis N. Wood. All rights are reserved. The maps may not be redistributed, posted on other websites, hot-linked, or used for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the map-maker.

While these maps are comprised largely of materials and layers in the public domain (especially the USGS National Map), the laborious work of presenting that material, adding labels, and highlighting various facets and colors, is my own. The maps are indeed a personal creation. If you have any questions, please contact me at the following email address: [email protected]

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