and Vicinity

Northern Wyoming 


Maps of Cloud Peak Wilderness
and Rock Creek Wilderness Study Area

There are currently (May 24, 2013) over 30 maps made specially for this website. Most emphasize the physical relief properties of the area. Those include land management, forested areas, annual precipitation, snow depth, seasonally closed roads (2011), cell coverage, topo quadrangles, etc.

There are also links to each USGS topo of the area and to the Trails Illustrated, National Forest, and Google GIS interactive map sites.

For accuracy, the maps here are created from the US National Map and other sources in the public domain. Labeling details have been added by the mapmaker. Go to Maps Pages.

Wildlife of the Rocky Mountains

Here are the natural histories and species profiles of hundreds of mammals, birds, and fish. Links follow the taxonomic arrangement of each species.

If you've ever wondered how closely wolverines might be related to bears, pronghorns related to bighorn sheep, sage grouse to domestic chickens, and so on, the details are linked here.

Special topics include discussions of the some controversial wildlife issues of the Rocky Mountains -- including wolves and moose populations. Go to Wildlife Pages.

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